Since June 1st, Mitt Romney has enjoyed a significant advantage over Barack Obama in the number of quotes and statements in the Election Coverage of our strategic sample of Media. This sample includes 38 major front page print publications, TV broadcasts from CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News and NPR radio. Obama enjoyed a significantly higher quote count than Romney in only one period of time – during and right after the Democratic National Convention.

About This Data

The 4th Estate collects data from a sampling of news stories from US national print outlets, TV broadcast and radio transcripts covering the 2012 election. These stories are contextually analyzed and broken down
by topic, sentiment and newsmaker.
We have counted and analyzed the quotes and article level meta-data from all front page articles collected from a sample of 38 of the most influential print media in the U.S. market. A similar story about this VoiceShare comparison was reported earlier in the week at the U.S. News & World Report. The data from that article covered the dates from June 1st to Oct. 22nd, while the data for this graphic covers the dates from June 1st to Oct 26th. The 4th Estate’s parent company, Global News Intelligence, provides similar proprietary services for government and Fortune 500 companies.