On Saturday, August 11th, Mitt Romney announced that Paul Ryan would be his running mate. On the Friday before, we had thrown out what turned out to be a lame prediction that Rob Portman would be the VP selection. Our prediction was based on a very simple VoiceShare count – we couched it as the ‘media’s prediction’. We probably should have paid more attention to people like Micah Sifry who nailed the prediction. We decided to look at the numbers in a different light, and some very interesting patterns emerged. Ryan statements were significantly more partisan (imbued with pro-Romney and anti-Obama sentiment) than the other ‘candidates’. And there was an even balance between these two ‘strategies – the campaigning for the job (pro-Romney) and demonstrating strong attack dog skills (anti-Obama).

About this data

The 4th Estate collects data from a sampling of news stories from US national print outlets, TV broadcast and radio transcripts covering the 2012 election. These stories are contextually analyzed and broken down by influence, topic, sentiment and newsmaker. The data for this graphic includes quotes and statements from newsmakers who provide subjective insight. Statements from candidates are included in the count. The 4th Estate’s parent company, Global News Intelligence, provides similar influence analysis services for government and Fortune 500 companies.

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